Channing Memorial Church
Unitarian Universalist
Rev. Dr. F. Jay Deacon, Minister
Rev. Lark d'Helen, Intern Minister
135 Pelham Street, Newport, RI 02840-3131
Church Office Hours: Tue.,Wed.,Thur.-- 9 am -12 pm
Church Administrator: Michele Dubuc (401)-846-0643
Religious Education:
 Music Director: Janet Grant

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Weddings - Contact our Church Administrator for details
RI Marriage Guide for Same Sex Couples - GLAD
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Our congregation is welcoming to the Bisexual, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender community

Next Service - 10 am Sunday, July 27
Summer Series Lay Speaker: Jessica Thomas
Assisting, Maryellen Doherty - Music, Robert Allott, Nancy DiMarzio

Memorial Service - Terry Horsley
Sunday, July 27 - 3 pm - Sanctuary
Jul 17 Thu.   7:00 pm  Board of Trustees - Library
Jul 19 Sat.   9:00 am  Board of Trustees Retreat - Parish Hall
Jul 21 Mon.   3:30 pm  Community Meal - Parish Hall
Jul 21 Mon.   7:00 pm  Zen Meditation - Parish Hall
Jul 28 Mon.   7:00 pm  Zen Meditation - Parish Hall
Jul 29 Tue.   7:00 pm RI Food Bank Benefit Concert - Sanctuary

Rising to the Challenge Campaign / Steeple Project
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Channing Bylaws